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Farben: sand, mint, coral, rosé, cream, charcoal

Größen: S, M, L, XL

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Colors: sand, mint, coral, rosé, cream, charcoal

Diameter: S, M, L, XL

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Photos by Andreea Sasaran                                                                

made of porcelain by feinedinge*

sand                                                mint                                               coral                                               rosé                                            cream                                           charcoal

MIRA made of porcelain by feinedinge*  is a cooperation between the designer Christine Hechinger and the Viennese porcelain manufactory feinedinge. For this new series, the designer uses handmade porcelain plates made by feinedinge. The handmade plates are characterized by an irregularity of shape and color. Hence, MIRA made of porceleine by

feinedinge is a contradiction to conventional production lines, and every piece of the series can be designated as being unique and outstanding.